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In Vino Veritas - Red Wine Pairing

In Vino Veritas, in wine there is truth. Welcome to the truth about wine pairings! The truth is palates are different. So, what I will offer you is a guideline from which you will taste and see what vino pairing is veritas for you. 

Spring has sprung and with spring comes America’s favorite: the cookout (if you’re from the East) and barbecuing (if you’re from the west).  The biggest of those is coming up quickly. That is Memorial Day weekend. Now, this year’s Memorial Day festivities will look different than in years past. Sadly, many of us will not get to enjoy the backyard food and fellowship with friends and family this year. 

However, do not despair! You can have your own amazing Memorial memories made with good food and great wine straight from your wine cooler.  Close your eyes and imagine the grill is hot. The sizzle from the drippings off the meat tickles your ears as the smells wafting to your nostrils make your saliva glands gush. You take a sip of cool Zinfandel and savor the sensations of taste, smell, and sound all mingling on your palate. 

Why Zinfandel? Well, this Memorial Day you are grilling up some sensational ribs with a slightly spicy sauce. Another excellent choice would be California Petite Sirah.  Both of these reds are bold wines whose flavor enhances the taste of those delicious, mouth watering ribs you are pulling off the grill. 

Did you know that the climate where a grape is grown affects the flavor of the wine that grape makes? It sure does! When picking up your next bottle of wine read where those grapes were grown. For Zinfandel the cooler climates produce a more red berry flavor while the warmer climates produce more spicy notes. Either of those go well with your BBQ ribs! 

If you chose the California Petite Sirah then you can probably taste the undertones of chocolate, blueberry, plums, and black pepper. A bite of the ribs with the heat of the sauce is accentuated by the richness of the sip of the Sirah. You’ll definitely want the Sirah cooled in your wine cooler as enjoying this wine at about 65 degrees F will bring out more floral and mineral flavors as well as the bold fruitiness of it. 

Sit back, relax, and enjoy Memorial Weekend. Remember those who died for our freedom. Get your friends and family connected via the amazing technology we have available, and toast the fallen with your choice of vino cooled to the perfect temperature in your wine cooler.