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In Vino Veritas - The Sounds of Spring

Can you hear the blast of the trumpet sounding the call to attention at the Kentucky Derby? Or maybe the gusto of an announcer shouting, “Play ball!” after the national anthem at a baseball game? Perhaps you have no interest in sports and are enjoying the warming weather in the quiet of your secluded deck by the lake. Then again, it could be you and your friends are excitedly awaiting your turn to go to the reopening of your favorite winery! 

We celebrate ALL of these things with you! Spring is the time of new beginnings and new life. Like spring, spring wine should be light and refreshing and inspire thoughts of blooming gardens and fresh fruit and vegetation.  

What’s your favorite spring activity? Wouldn’t it be better with a delightful prosecco, “champagne’s cheaper cousin”, kept at the perfect temperature by your Breezaire or WhisperKool wine cellar cooling unit? More of a red fan? Try a delicious gamay which is a lightish red that is perfect for your spring barbeque.

Whether you are spring cleaning, spring boarding a new career, celebrating graduations or promotions, there is a spring wine that will enhance your revelries! For more ideas on spring wines and pairings, go to our contact page and email us! We would love to hear from you and share our luscious wines with you!