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In Vino Veritas - Sleek, Stylish, and Saving Space

Raise your hand if you have a dream kitchen.  A kitchen with ample counter space, that perfect range you’ve always wanted, and a generous supply of wine. In this beautiful kitchen you want to maintain as much space as possible so, naturally, you have chosen an under the counter wine cooler in which to store your excellent wine collection. 

You are a person of discerning tastes so you went with the KingsBottle KBU50DX with its gorgeous wooden racks and stainless steel exterior, kept wonderfully clean with your Norwex Envirocloth. You barely notice it running because it is so quiet. It doesn’t disturb conversation or entertainment at all which is great because as quarantine ends you are itching to have your people over for a night of classy fun. 

It is your dream kitchen’s time to shine! You have prepared a delicious meal and have stocked your dual zone temperature controlled under the counter wine cooler with your favorite reds and whites, and the wines that delight your friends.  You are obviously a connoisseur so you have done your research and found the exact wines that will pair with your gourmet meal.  Your friends arrive and are ushered into the spacious kitchen with its pleasing aromas. The convenience of your KBU50DX wine cooler provides immediate gratification for those wanting to imbibe. 

Soft jazz playing from your music provider of choice adds to the classy ambiance of the evening. You are the perfect host/hostess and keep your guests’ glasses full with ease because of your under the counter wine cooler. Your post quarantine party is a 5-star event and your friends will be raving about it for months. Your dream kitchen, complete with your KingsBottle wine cooler, was a success and you can’t wait for the next one. 

Shop for your KingsBottle KBU50DX Under Counter Dual Zone Wine Cooler at the link below: (KingsBottle - 46 Bottle 24 Inch Beech Wood Shelves Under Counter Dual Zone Wine Cooler)



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