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In Vino Veritas - An Ubiquitous Art Experience

You have returned home from another trip to the local art museum where a new exhibit has just opened. As usual it has thrilled and inspired you. Haunting images float through your subconscious as your brain continues to process all that you saw. 


To continue enjoying the art show playing on your memory screen, you pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine and wander down the hall towards your special pondering chair. 


On your way you pass your wine rack in the hall. Art is beautiful and inspiring, but it can also be functional. As an art lover as well as a practical person you have purchased the VintageView Au Naturel wine rack panel kit (GNR-NATUREL). It fits into your decor effortlessly and it provides for exemplary storage for up to 30 bottles of your favorite wines.  The modern style juxtaposed with the natural grain of the wood reminds you of the city set against the backdrop of nature on its outskirts. It is an ubiquitous art experience.


Swirling the wine in the glass you raise it to your nostrils and inhale deeply. The luscious aroma prepares your palate for the ultimate savory experience. You close your eyes and let your brain take you back through the amazing exhibit. That perfect glass of wine enhances the display in your mind’s eye. You lean back, relaxing and enjoying the wine and the art in a beautiful symposium. 


Shop for your VintageView GNR-NATUREL Au Naturel: 30 Bottles Grain & Rod Metal and Wood Wine Rack Panel Kit at the link below: